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Donate Life Georgia

Support Donate Life Georgia and purchase Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!


It is also the beginning of a month-long Krispy Kreme fundraiser for Donate Life Georgia. Staring June 2 through July 3 Krispy Kreme will donate $7.50 to Donate Life Georgia for every dozen purchased through the fundraising site. To participate, just follow these simple steps:


2. RECEIVE CONFIRMATION EMAIL -- It will include a link to access your redemption codes. By clicking “Redeem Your Dozens” in the email, you will be able to see all Digital Dozens associated with your order.

3. SELECT A PICKUP LOCATION --Find a store that's close to you to pick up your donuts. This list includes over 370 locations:

4. SHOW CASHIER YOUR CODES -- Tell the cashier you would like to redeem your Digital Dozens order and show them the code(s) on your Digital Dozens Redemption Page. (For more than 3 dozens, please call at least 24 hours in advance.)

Thanks for being so SWEET and considering supporting Donate Life Georgia!

Why support Donate Life Georgia? Donate Life Georgia is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving and improving people's quality of life by registering organ, tissue, and eye donors. Fundraising helps Donate Life Georgia committee members host more registration events and spread the word about the importance of donor registration!

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